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Since 1905, The Ocean Front Walk (Boardwalk) in Venice has provided humble merriment for the environment. Many describe it as a proverbial “Circus By The Sea.” Stretching from Rose Avenue (once the former site of the famed Pacific Ocean Park 1958-1967) to Windward Avenue. This ever-changing beachfront community provides a playground for the people. It's a place where the vital street culture not only survives but flourishes as well. Popularly regarded as the most pedestrian “Free of Charge” amusement in the United States, it remains as a “Monument To Urban Bohemia” and a venue where both the amused and amusement coexist.

Photographed along the ocean’s edge, this mile-long parade of archaic architecture and diversified humanity of the North Venice Beach Boardwalk, renown for its scenery and legendary appeal, was originally recorded on film as a panorama by Rich Mann in 1978 and digitally assembled by David Hill as a 60 exposure multi-image sequential compilation. Depicted as a metaphoric multi-lifestyle paradise, it has served as a local, national and international iconic symbol, that reflects as a historic reminder of the longevity of worldly amusement areas today.

This historic imagery was digitally scanned, compiled and graphically assembled by David Hill at: dhgraphic@aol.com.

The prototype for this art is permanently exhibited at the Venice Branch Library.
Due to low-resolution restrictions for posting at this website this image is at a lesser quality. For a higher resolution and a more accurate version for viewing, please forward an email to: rvmann@gmail.com and refer to the "Boardwalk Panorama"

Ref: installation...Installation 2/20/12 www.flickr.com/photos/77039195@N07/show/

"North Venice Beach Boardwalk linear panorama" Circa 1978
"North Venice Beach Boardwalk linear panorama" Circa 1978