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Lost/Found...Recovered while
shopping on 3/29/2013

“Reunited after all!”

As I was leaving the National Council Of Jewish Women/LA’s Thrift Shop on Venice Boulevard in Culver City on 3/29/2013, I glanced over my shoulder at their wall displaying donated art for sale. While walking by, from a distance, I vaguely noticed an artwork with a familiar technique of painting. Abruptly, I stopped in my tracks with a double take and proceeded to look more closely. Stunned by my discovery, the painting was one of six works of art I had formerly created, and briefly exhibited in a restaurant and bar on the Boardwalk in Venice Beach, back in 1977.

That was a collection that had been mysteriously missing and proclaimed stolen months before I had been alerted that they were permanently closed for business. The paintings were the last series I had created before I discontinued painting and began exclusively working within the genre of Fine Art Photography.

Up until 2013, my work had been recognized for forty-five years using my shortened first name of Rich and signed as an artistic name using Rich Mann on both Fine Art Painting and Photography. It was not until recently my name was changed back to my original name of Richard Mann.

Who would ever have thought that after being missing for 36 years one of the pieces would appear in a Thrift Stop, especially one located in my immediate environment.

Similar to a person or pet returning home after a lengthy mysterious disappearance, I was surprisingly reunited with my absent misappropriated art once again.

Occasionally, I have been casually reminded and wondered that someday-somewhere those paintings might show up. Momentarily, I spotted one used in the distant background of a Seinfeld episode, but not quite certain, due to the scene had changed too rapidly to recognize it's distinction without a doubt.

After discovering the art, my request to reclaim the lengthy missing piece of this illusive puzzle was answered by the thrift store’s understanding management to return it to me at no charge.

This rekindled my wondering again about where the other five art works are located at: rvmann.com/artwork/3106543_Lost_Found_R?

Sometimes situations come around full circle.

This painting is not be for sale, but may be viewed on display at Mittel's Art Center in Venice: www.mittels.net/